Unia Europejska




Demand. Design. Delivery.


We have our own design studio. Our team of designers, modellers, managers of production and molds work closely together every day.


As a result, we have the capability to design and perform new models according to customer needs and expectations by providing them with the unusual solutions. Our products are used every day for many years and it is our clients who validate our work.


We offer a underlying color basis, but we also make special orders – create individual colors on our clients’ requests.






We have developed our own system for creating recipes characterized by a high repeatability of products.


Our material is a combination of granite and quartz particles and resins with the usage of enriching additives and the system of the material venting. For our production we use only certified components from reputable suppliers. We use aggregates from the German supplier, and only made from the Italian and French resins.


Each batch of material is controlled in terms of quality and properties. We want to be sure that what we deliver to our customers has the highest quality.






Another important step that significantly affects the quality of the products is the process of preparing molds and foundry system.


The production of molds is rather complicated and time consuming process and the quality of its performance affect further stages of production and the final effect.


Having great experience in the production, we decided to perform forms on our own and have established a special department of forms. Thanks to this solution we do not only care about the quality but also avoid any production delays resulting from the necessity of repairs or maintenace of molds.





At every stage of the production ,firstly our products are thoroughly washed and cleaned and then countered by an independent team of inspectors.


We place particular emphasis on the repeatability of production, that’s why each batch is controlled in terms of material properties and meets all the requirements of standards.


In 2013 and 2014, we received positive feedback from the external auditors who examined the standards and production capacity for cooperation opportunities with large retail chains. We have the certificate of quality and the certificate of Radiation Hygiene from the National Institute of Public Health.






r production is mostly based on the automation department. As a result, we obtain repeatability of processes, so that’s why we have the products of high quality.


Due to the high specialization of our company most of the machinery and equipment has been designed and constructed to meet the needs of our production.


At the moment, we’re implementing a computer system of monitoring whose purpose is to optimize production processes
and significant influence on the obtained capacity.






Our products are transported for a long distances, so the parameters of the packaging and its strength affect on their quality and customer satisfaction.


For each product, our logistics department prepares a package with a special brace protecting the product from damage. Every new product and its package pass through the individual shipping tests over long distances. At this stage, patterns for the sink are also prepared.


Our final product is equipped with a siphon, hooks, pattern and instructions for assembly and use.