Unia Europejska


Easy assembly

KEvery sink is equipped standard with a pattern, mounting brackets and a siphon, which makes its connection very simple.

Resistance to stains

Coffee, tea, beetroot juice, balsamic vinegar, wine do not make the impression on us. Care for sink in accordance with the principles described in the manual and you will enjoy its beautiful appearance for years.

Resistance to the thermal shock

Hot oil, ice cubes, heating and cooling are the essential elements of intensive work in the kitchen. Our products meet all the requirements of standards related to sudden changes in temperature.


Being confident in the quality of our sinks, we give 15-year warranty throughout the European Union. We’d like you to read the care instructions that are attached to the product.

A uniform structure

The usage of high quality components and the elaboration of our own recipe in production resulted in the development of fully evacuated material, with a uniform structure and incredible durability.

Scratch resistance

The cured coating of our sinks is resistant to the contact with sharp objects that are used for work in the kitchen.

Impact Resistance

Thanks to the usage of high quality components for the production , our sinks are characterized not only by high durability but above all resistance to unpredictable impacts.


Our products do not only meet the basic standards like PN EN 13310, but also received certificates of NIH(State Health Establishment(: the certificate of quality for health and the certificate of Radiation Hygiene.